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Extended Stays in Fort McMurray

Find rest in Fort McMurray with extended-stay options

Whether you're settling in to see the Aurora Borealis or visiting on business, extended stays are affordable in Fort McMurray thanks to weekly and monthly rates at the Radisson. Lodging here ensures you're always refreshed and ready to be where you need to be.

Choose from these room types:
  • Classic Stay Rooms feature two queen beds, a mini fridge, a microwave, a toaster-oven grill, dishes and a mini sink.

  • Classic Stay Plus Rooms have all of the amenities found in the Classic Stay Room, in addition to a separate bedroom with a single queen bed—totalling three queen beds.

  • The Extended-stay Suite, a full apartment-style suite, offers a full kitchen, a bedroom with a king bed and a separate living room with a relaxing fireplace.