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Explore sites from our hotel near the Panama Canal

Choose the Radisson Summit & Golf Panama as your getaway destination, and enjoy a location surrounded by lush rainforest and just 30 minutes from Panama City. You'll be close to attractions like Miraflores Locks, Summit Botanical Gardens and the Metropolitan Natural Park, home to exotic flora and fauna, and the cathedrals of El Casco Antiguo. Our hotel is also near the Panama Canal, mankind's greatest structural achievement. To make it easy to spend the day shopping at nearby Albrook Mall, use the hotel's complimentary shuttle.

Visit these local attractions:
  • Summit Botanical Gardens and Zoo (2 miles)
    This zoo houses such exotic creatures as jaguars, scarlet macaws and the Harpy Eagle, Panama's national bird and the largest bird of prey in the northern hemisphere.
    Phone: +1 (507) 232-4854
  • Pipeline Road (3 miles)
    Built during World War II to transport fuel in the event of a bombing at the Panama Canal, the Pipeline Road is now a bird watcher's paradise.
  • Metropolitan Natural Park (4.5 miles)
    This beautiful park is home to a multitude of rainforest residents, including the titi monkey, the green iguana, and the red and green guacamaya.
    Phone: +1 (507) 232-5552
  • Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal (5.1 miles)
    The Miraflores Visitors Center allows guests to learn about the canal's three sets of locks and how ships are safely transported between oceans.
    Phone: +1 (507) 276-8325
  • El Casco Antiguo (12.3 miles)
    Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this historic area features cobblestone streets, charming city squares, opulent cathedrals and al fresco cafés.
  • Albrook Shopping Mall (10.2 miles)
    Albrook features jewelers, perfumeries, fashion outlets, art galleries, a movie theater and a food court with more than 30 restaurants.
    Phone: +1 (507) 303-6251
  • Museum of Biodiversity (11.7 miles)
    This fascinating museum examines the origins and development of life in a variety of formats.
    Phone: +1 (507) 314-0097
  • Panama Canal Museum (12.2 miles)
    This museum features informative exhibits highlighting the role of the canal through the present day, including original canal treaties. Call ahead to arrange guided tours in English.
    Phone: +1 (507) 211-1649
  • Amador Causeway (14 miles)
    Constructed out of rocks removed while building the Panama Canal, the Amador Causeway offers a breathtaking view of the Americas Bridge and the Pacific entrance to the canal.
  • Mi Pueblito (18.1 miles)
    Located at the bottom of Ancon Hill, this educational attraction provides a glimpse into the history of Panama with gorgeous gardens, as well as replicas of Panamanian, Antillian and Indian villages, to explore.
View a map of the local area.