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Exterior of the Biodiversity Museum in Panama
Animal sculpture display at the Biodiversity Museum
Side view of the Bridge of the Americas
Amador Causeway
Explore the area from our Panama Canal hotel
Known locally as La Calzada de Amador, the Amador Causeway is the second longest promenade in Panama City. Featuring a varied selection of national and international restaurants, nightclubs, the Amador Convention Center and the famous Biomuseo designed by Frank Gehry, Amador Causeway is a must-see for visitors near the Radisson. Explore the open parks by foot or bicycle, or head to one of the scenic piers for excursions to the Taboga and Pearl islands.

The Causeway offers excellent panoramic views of the entrance to the Panama Canal and the Bridge of the Americas, as well as the city skyline and the Bay of Panama. It is currently one of the most popular tourist sites in the city, both for foreigners and for residents of Panama.

Explore Panama's varied ecosystems at the Biomuseo
Also known as the Biodiversity Museum, this attraction on the Amador Causeway tells the story of how the creation of the Isthmus of Panama created great geological change. When the isthmus formed three million years ago, a vast array of living creatures came to depend on the separation of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea for survival. 

Explore this museum’s impressive sculptures, exhibits and open-air spaces, and don't miss the Panamarama, a three-story room featuring 10 projection screens for an immersive audiovisual experience of Panama's many ecosystems. In addition to the main spaces, the museum includes a public atrium, a gallery for temporary exhibitions, a shop, a cafeteria and a botanical park with multiple outdoor exhibitions.

Explore the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
The Punta Culebra Nature Center aims to create and increase awareness and appreciation of the different environments of Panama and neighboring regions of Central and South America. It demonstrates how scientific discoveries improve our understanding and deepen our appreciation of the natural world.

Explore the Flamenco Marina
The Flamenco Marina at Fuerte Amador, the largest marina in Panama, provides visitors with entertainment and services, including rental of commercial premises, event spaces, catamaran tour charters, restaurants, a delicatessen and wine shop, gift shops and duty-free shopping. The marina is a full-service shipyard with a 100-ton lift, yacht fuel, electricity, drinking water, yacht laundry, docks for short and permanent stays, a cruise port, a souvenir shop, fishing items, yacht sales, parts and services, presence of maritime government entities and marine firefighters.

Nearby restaurants
The Amador Causeway is teeming with a variety of cafés, bars and restaurants. Diners can enjoy delicious food and a pleasant experience in the company of family and friends at these local hot spots:
  • Mi Ranchito (2.7 miles)
    For local Panamanian cuisine, look no further than Mi Ranchito. In addition to enjoying a variety of fresh seafood, patrons can enjoy a great atmosphere and live music in the evenings.
    Phone: +011 (507) 228-4909
  • Bucanero’s (3.4 miles)
    Serving up delicious international cuisine, Bucaneros is an excellent choice for romantic meals or family gatherings. Savor good food, a fun atmosphere, live music and friendly service alongside local dishes.
    Phone: +011 (507) 314-0880
  • Alberto's Café (3.7 miles)
    One of the most traditional restaurants on the Causeway, Alberto’s Café serves up delicious Italian cuisine in a quaint atmosphere. Make a reservation for dinner to enjoy a gentle evening breeze and breathtaking views of the sea. Conveniently open until midnight, the restaurant boasts specialties like pasta and fresh ceviche on its menu.
    Phone: +011 (507) 314-1134
  • Leños y Carbón (3.7 miles)
    Offering spectacular views of the city skyline, Leños y Carbón is a delightful restaurant and grill specializing in international cuisine. Savor delectable cuts of tender meat while sipping on a refreshing beverage.
    Phone: +011 (507) 314-1650
  • Beirut (7 miles)
    Ideal for families, this popular Indian restaurant serves up delicious Lebanese delicacies in sizeable portions. Indulge in fresh hummus, falafel, meats and salads alongside a wide assortment of lemonades, all delicious and very refreshing.
    Phone: +011 (507) 214-3815