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Discover Batam’s top attractions near our hotel

Batam is an exciting island filled with a variety of things to do. You can shop near the hotel at Kepri Mall or head downtown to additional shopping destinations. Looking to test your golf skills? Padang Golf Sukajadi is just a short walk from the Radisson. Our free shuttle bus offers transportation to major shopping malls and local sightseeing destinations, and our concierge team is available to help you plan on-site activities, island tours, river cruises and more. 

Shopping opportunities 

  • Kepri Mall (1 km) 
    Boasting three levels of retail stores and eateries, this expansive mall is one of Batam’s most popular shopping destinations.
    Phone: +62 778-736-7506
  • Mega Mall Batam Centre (5 km)
    One of the largest malls in Batam, the Mega Mall Batam Centre is connected to Batam’s International Ferry Terminals by a bridge, making it a booming hub of activity.
    Phone: +62 778-470100
  • BCS Mall (7 km)
    This mall in Batam City Square is the perfect place to find current fashions and the latest movies. Treat yourself to a tasty meal at one of the mall’s restaurants.
    Phone: +62 778-743-5000
  • Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall (8 km)
    Find great deals on clothing, electronics, toys, health and beauty products, kitchen supplies and more at this mall just minutes from the hotel.
    Phone: +62 778-433988

Religious centres

  • Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple (7 km) 
    One of Southeast Asia’s largest temples, this shrine features a laughing Buddha statue and serves as a popular destination for tourists as well as devout Buddhists.
    Phone: +62 778-462880 
  • Masjid Jabal Arafah (7 km)
    This sacred hilltop landmark provides a breathtaking view of Batam from its tower. Locals and tourists alike visit this mosque to pray and marvel at the scenery.
    Phone: +62 778-42832

Outdoor recreation 

  • Padang Golf Sukajadi (100 metres)
    Book your tee time at this golf course next to the hotel, and then spend a few relaxing hours playing on the rolling fairways and manicured greens.
    Phone: +62 778-807-3008
  • Barelang Bridge (15 km)
    This chain of six bridges connects the islands of Batam, Rempang and Galang. The bridge’s impressive architecture and stunning views make it both a convenient transportation system and a popular tourist attraction.

Nearby excursions* 

  • Batam island tour
    Visit more than 30 attractions and places of interest on the island.
  • River cruise
    See and experience the natural beauty that surrounds our hotel. We recommend the mangrove tour for an up-close view of the surrounding landscape.
  • Fishing trip
    Have you ever wondered how it feels to reel in a big fish? The fishing trip is a quick way for you to experience some watersport excitement.
  • Jungle trekking
    Explore the lush green forest of nearby jungles and uncover their marvels.
  • Scuba
    Dive underwater to make lifelong memories while checking out the reefs of Batam.
  • Snorkelling
    Organised as a group outing, this event provides you with basic snorkelling equipment and the chance to see coral reefs and colourful fish.

*Excursion arrangements can be made with the hotel’s Guest Relations team.