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Stay in the beautiful country near city center sights

Located in the scenic valley of South Hot Spring, the Radisson is surrounded by Chongqing’s most breathtaking landscapes of mountains, forests and waterfalls. For the best views, ride the nearby cable car up 850 meters and then journey back down with the alpine coaster. Our hotel is also near main highways that provide easy access to ancient attractions like Ci Qi Kou as well as modernized destinations like downtown’s Jeifangbei Square and the Three Gorges Museum.

Visit these must-see attractions:

  • Cable Car & Alpine Coaster (next to the hotel)
    Ride the cable car to the top of the mountain, where you can get a birds-eye view of South Hot Spring and also visit an ancient Buddhist temple. With a 2,000-meter track down the mountain, this alpine coaster is the longest in China and one of the longest in the world. 
  • South Hot Springs Park (400 m)
    Spend a day exploring the nearby sights of the verdant South Hot Springs Park, home to a glistening waterfall, Fairy Cave, the King temple of the Ming dynasty, a WWII monument, and the home of Kong Yuan, a Chinese military leader of the First Republic.
  • Chongqing Zoo (19.5 km)
    From goldfish to gorillas, animals of all shapes, sizes and habitats call Chongqing Zoo home. You can also see some of China’s iconic pandas at this 111-acre sanctuary.
  • People’s Assembly Hall (20 km)
    Also known as the Great Hall of the People, this more than 4,000-seat auditorium was completed in 1954, and the building’s ornate architecture impresses travelers visiting from across the globe.
  • Three Gorges Museum (20 km)
    Located across the street from the People’s Assembly Hall, the design of this more than 40,000-square-meter museum commemorates the Three Gorges Dam Project, which lasted from 1992 to 2009.
  • Jiefangbei Square (21 km)
    With more than 3,000 stores, this commercial district is often compared to New York City’s Times Square. The area is also called Liberation Square since it holds the People’s Liberation Monument.
  • Hongya Cave (21 km)
    Decorated by elaborate buildings, this cave also features a waterfall known as Hongya Dripping.
  • Chaotianmen (23 km)
    Cross the largest harbor along the upstream of the Yangtze River and see where the murky Yangtze River runs into the crystal-clear Jialing River. You'll find a great views of the river at Chaotianmen Square, and you can go shopping along the wharf.
  • Ci Qi Kou (31 km)
    Porcelain Village is more than 1,700 years old and it attracts visitors with its art studios, tea bars and Shu embroidery shops.