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Radisson hotel on the Rio de la Plata waterfront

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Hotels play an important role in the travel and tourism industry, which contributes to the economic development of local communities around the world. We have a responsibility to the people and the physical environment of those communities—a responsibility to see that the community is not hurt by our presence, but rather, enhanced by it, both economically and socially. We achieve this goal by going about our business in a responsible manner. The Radisson Hotel Group’s Responsible Business (RB) program is centered on three important areas:
  1. Taking responsibility for diversity, inclusion, and the health, safety and security of our employees and guests
  2. Showing leadership in social and ethical issues within the company as well as in the community
  3. Reducing our negative impact on the environment

The Radisson has a rich history of RB practices, offering a strong foundation as we continue to build on that history. Ultimately, we strive to serve the common good through our commitment to social responsibility.

World Childhood Foundation
The Radisson is proud to support the World Childhood Foundation, which is committed to defending the rights of the child and securing better living conditions for children and young women at risk all over the world.

The Radisson has signed and is committed to upholding The Code of Conduct to Protect Children Against Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism, "The Code." Through this international set of guidelines supported by ECPAT, travel and tourism companies have pledged to help end the commercial sex trade of children.

United Nations Global Compact
Radisson Hotel Group was one of the first global hospitality companies to sign the United Nations Global Compact, the largest corporate responsibility initiative in the world.

General hotel initiatives:

  • Act as godfather of School No. 2 in Colonia del Sacramento
  • Buy locally produced goods
  • Donate furniture and clothes to a local charity
  • Donate materials for public schools
  • Participate in RB activities, such as Earth Hour


  • Check all rooms daily
  • Sell cardboard or use it to save files
  • Confirm that all water inlet valves are closing properly
  • Donate soaps and amenities to charity
  • Use both sides of a sheet of paper to print any document from the department

Food and beverage:

  • Avoid the use of water to defrost frozen foods
  • Avoid placing hot food in refrigerators
  • Offer breakfast foods for guests with celiac disease and diabetes
  • Buy products from companies that respect RB practices
  • Use biodegradable detergents
  • Make certain that all oven and refrigerator doors close properly
  • Use the cheapest energy source for cooking and dish washing
  • Wash vegetables in containers

Engineering and maintenance:

  • Clean filters regularly to operate at maximum capacity
  • Conserve water without sacrificing guest comfort
  • Control the air-conditioning equipment for conservation
  • Provide windows with sound insulation in rooms
  • Record energy consumption
  • Record water treatment and maintenance procedures
  • Use low-energy light bulbs
  • Use water system that minimizes energy consumption

Human resources:

  • Create and manage Responsible Business program within the hotel team
  • Provide external training for employees
  • Receive students from different institutes