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Radisson hotel in Concepción with exterior up-lighting

Our green hotel supports the Concepción community

Hotels play an important role in the travel and tourism industry, and Radisson Petra Concepcion is committed to contributing to the economic development of our local community and local communities around the world. We have a responsibility to the people and the physical environment of those communities—a responsibility to see that the community is not hurt by our presence, but rather, enhanced by it, both economically and socially.

The Radisson aims to achieve this goal by going about business in a responsible manner that helps protect our guests and the environment. Our Responsible Business practices are centered on three areas:

  • Taking responsibility for diversity and the health, safety and security of our employees and guests
  • Showing leadership in social and ethical responsibility issues within the company and the community
  • Reducing our negative impact on the environment

The Radisson has a rich history of Responsible Business practices, offering a strong foundation and continuing to build on that foundation to create a better tomorrow for all of us. Ultimately, we strive to serve the common good through our commitment to social responsibility.

As part of its commitment to society and the community at large, Radisson Petra Concepcion has developed a social responsibility program that has favored different institutions that support youth in need. To support these institutions, the hotel gives guests the opportunity to donate $1 to the program during check-out. These voluntary donations go directly to helping the children in need.

Upon arrival, each hotel guest receives a welcome courtesy with a card signed by the general manager. With this card, guests are informed about this voluntary contribution.

World Childhood Foundation
Radisson hotels are proud to support the World Childhood Foundation, which is committed to defending the rights of the child and securing better living conditions for children and young women at risk all over the world.

The Radisson has signed and is committed to upholding The Code of Conduct to Protect Children Against Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. Through this international set of guidelines, supported by ECPAT, travel and tourism companies have pledged to help end the commercial sex trade of children.

United Nations Global Compact
Radisson Hotel Group was one of the first global hospitality companies to sign the United Nations Global Compact, the largest corporate responsibility initiative in the world.

Radisson Petra Concepcion supports the Juvenile Home Carlos Macera in Hualpén. This organization has 32 children at social risk, and the hotel provides school supplies and gifts on Children's Day and Christmas.

  • We also support Kindergarten Caracolito in Concepción by improving their playgrounds and supplying them with bottled water to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • We work with Down syndrome youth at 21 Future Foundation and send some of our linens to them.
  • We support healthy food and living among our staff by offering balanced meals and times during the day for exercise and dance.
  • We control and save energy by using LED bulbs throughout our hotel.
  • We are attentive to the needs of our staff and the community.


  • Our room amenities are biodegradable and contain natural ingredients.
  • The cleaning staff is trained to perform their work in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Guests have the option to reuse linens and towels instead of replacing them every day.
  • The hotel recycles bottles, white paper, cardboard and toner by donating to local institutions.
  • The cleaning staff and administration turn off the lights when leaving the office, recycle waste and print on recycled paper.
  • The showers, taps and bathrooms have water-saving devices.
  • Soap, sheets, towels, slippers and other items are donated to local organizations such as children's homes, nursing homes or convents, as well as to the staff.
  • Rooms have energy-saving features to turn the lights off when guests are not present.
  • We use biodegradable products for cleaning the floor.
  • All rooms feature energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • The programmable management system automatically controls room temperature in both occupied and vacant rooms.
  • We use waste containers in different colors for the separation of garbage.

Conference and meeting services:

  • We have acrylic panels to reduce paper usage.
  • The books, folios and other paper products have a minimum of 30% recycled content.
  • The programmable management system automatically controls room temperature in both occupied and vacant rooms.
  • We replaced disposable paper napkins with reusable cloth napkins.
  • We use energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • We recycle paper.
  • We plan for energy savings according to the level of efficiency of the meeting.
  • We provide pitchers in all classrooms to encourage the consumption of water.

Food and beverage:

  • The power consumption levels have been reduced by installing low-energy LED bulbs.
  • Fats and oils are removed and disposed of in special containers.
  • Our suppliers are certified as responsible companies that care for the environment and follow the recycling procedures.
  • Staff are responsible for meals and drinks, turning off the lights when leaving the office, and whenever possible, recycling waste and printing on recycled paper.
  • Dishwasher has water-saving controls.
  • We use a chamber of waste scavengers to avoid contamination.
  • The menu features healthy options and a variety of organic products.

Engineering and maintenance:

  • Boilers emit low levels of pollutants.
  • The power consumption levels have been reduced by installing water-saving devices in power substation and using low-energy bulbs.
  • Fire extinguishers are recharged with environmentally friendly products.
  • Maintenance personnel turn off the lights when leaving the office and, whenever possible, print on recycled paper.
  • The boilers run on natural gas.
  • The ventilation system and air-conditioning receive regular adjustments and maintenance.
  • Batteries are separated from the waste in a special container.


  • The hotel has agreements with suppliers to return excess packaging or accept only recyclable containers.
  • The procurement department personnel turn off the lights when leaving the office and, whenever possible, print on recycled paper.
  • Before making acquisitions, we evaluate the environmental policies of suppliers.
  • Whenever appropriate, products are purchased in bulk to reduce cost, packaging and waste.

Human resources:

  • We offer permanent internal and external training in prevention and safety.
  • Students from universities and technical institutes are allowed to intern at the hotel.
  • We collect nonperishable food to support our partners.
  • We provide financial support to personnel for marriages, births and deaths.
  • The staff has life insurance and receives special discounts when using the services of another hotel chain.
  • The staff enjoys food daily.
  • The HR department turns off the lights when leaving the office and, whenever possible, prints on recycled paper.
  • We developed emergency plans in case of a natural disaster for the safety of our guests and staff.
  • Healthy physical activities are conducted for staff.
  • Staff take active breaks daily.
  • We support charities and aid organizations.

Sales department:

  • Sales staff turn off the lights when leaving the office and, whenever possible, print on recycled and reusable paper.


  • The finance department staff turn off the lights when leaving the office and, whenever possible, print on recycled and reusable paper.