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Express Check-Out

When your visit to Radisson Acqua Hotel & Spa Concón ends, we know you need to catch your flight or get back on the road. We offer Express Check-Out so you won’t have to wait or stop by the front desk before returning to your busy life. You will receive your bill before 4 a.m. on the morning of your departure. You can specify during check-in whether you prefer to pick your invoice up at the front desk or have it emailed or mailed to you.

You can receive your invoice:
  • By email
  • By mail
  • Quick pick-up at the front desk

During check-in, you can let us know how you prefer to receive your hotel bill.


  • No need to check-out at the front desk
  • No delays on your departure
  • Check bill before leaving
  • Know bill will reach you on time