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Couple enjoying a toast with glasses of wine
Breweries, Wineries & More
Enjoy a wine tasting or brewery tour near Radisson Hotel Fargo
When you stay in Fargo, there is always something fun for the whole family—including the adults! Try your palate with a tasting at a nearby winery, or enjoy a tour, handcrafted beer and even live entertainment at one of several local breweries. For those who prefer something a little stronger or different, we're also not far from two distilleries and a meadery.

Nearby breweries, wineries and more:
  • Drekker Brewing Company (0.2 miles) 
    Looking for a place to drink beer and be entertained? Drekker offers a variety of games, as well as live music every Friday and Saturday night. Be sure to try some of their popular drinks, including Techno Viking and NoDak Steam.
    Phone: +1 (701) 540-6808
  • Proof Artisan Distillers (0.2 miles) 
    Proof produces vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon and liqueurs from local potatoes, barley and corn, making this destination one of a kind! 
    Phone: +1 (701) 353-5853
  • Wild Terra Cider and Brewing (0.7 miles) 
    Looking for something a little lighter? Stop by the new Wild Terra Cider and Brewing Company, and enjoy local cider, kombucha, wine and more.
    Phone: +1 (701) 639-6273
  • Fargo Brewing Company (0.9 miles)
    Check out the very first brewery established in Fargo in the 21st century. This brewery is known for bringing high quality, handcrafted beer to the Great Plains. Some of their popular drinks include the Stone’s Throw Scottish Ale and Wood Chipper IPA.
    Phone: +1 (701- 478-2337
  • Junkyard Brewing Company (1.5 miles)
    This is the best brewery in the area with outdoor seating. Junkyard features experimental beer styles, 11 rotating beers on tap, live music every night and a food truck in their lot all throughout the fall, spring and summer!
    Phone: +1 (701) 936-5545
  • Kilstone Brewing (2.7 miles)
    Kilstone is a local family-owned brewery featuring handcrafted brews. Stop by for a pint or a tour of the brewery.
    Phone: +1 (701) 893-5224
  • Prairie Brother’s Brewing Company (6.1 miles) 
    Prairie Brother’s Brewing Company claims, “Beer makes everyone family.” This brewery produces quality beer for the prairie people. 
    Phone: +1 (701) 212-2857
  • Prairie Rose Meadery (6.4 miles) 
    Prairie Rose is Fargo’s nationally awarded honey wine meadery and is the winner of the 2006 and 2013 National Homebrew Competitions. 
    Phone: +1 (701) 371-3690
  • Flatland Brewery (7.6 miles)
  • Flatland is the first public brewhouse/taproom in West Fargo. At this brewery, they offer small-batch craft beers and scratch-made sodas.
    Phone: +1 (701) 353-1178
  • Bear Creek Winery (9.9 miles) 
    Enjoy wine tastings and special events at Bear Creek Winery, located in South Fargo. 
    Phone: +1 (701) 261-3171
  • Drumconrath Brewery (15.9 miles) 
    Located in Mapleton, ND, Drumconrath showcases North Dakota beer with an Irish spirit. 
    Phone: +1 (701) 645-3786
  • 4e Winery (24.3 miles)
    4e Winery holds 12 acres of land and is located in Mapleton, ND. This winery uses northern plains ingredients to craft high-quality wines.
    Phone: +1 (701) 936-9693
  • Maple River Distillery (24.7 miles) 
    Located right near Maple River Winery, the distillery features favorites including corn whiskey from locally sourced corn, chokeberry brandy from handpicked chokeberries and rhubarb vodka from handpicked rhubarb. 
    Phone: +1 (701) 347-5900
  • Maple River Winery (24.7 miles)
    Located in Casselton, ND, Maple River Winery features award-winning, handcrafted prairie wines that have been internationally recognized since 2003.
    Phone: +1 (701) 347-5900
  • Rookery Rock Winery (31.6 miles) 
    Rookery Rock opened in 2016 in Wheatland, ND and features specialty wines, jams and jellies. 
    Phone: +1 (701) 280-2470
  • Red Trail Vineyard (38 miles)
    This vineyard is located along Buffalo Creek in Buffalo, ND and takes its name from the rich history of the Old Red Trail, one of the first established trails guiding settlers through Dakota Territory.
    Phone: +1 (701) 238-3337