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Guatemala hotel staff with a Radisson banner
Radisson hotel staff having fun with schoolchildren

Our hotel practices responsible business

Hotels play an important role in the travel and tourism industry, which contributes to the economic development of local communities around the world. At Radisson Hotel and Suites Guatemala City, we have a responsibility to the people and the physical environment of those communities—a responsibility to see that the community is not hurt by our presence, but rather, enhanced by it, both economically and socially. 

We achieve this goal by going about our business in a responsible manner. At the Radisson hotel near the Guatemala City airport, our hotel's Responsible Business practices focus on three important areas:
  1. Taking responsibility for diversity, inclusion and the health, safety and security of our employees and guests
  2. Showing leadership in social and ethical responsibility issues within the company as well as in the community
  3. Reducing our negative impact on the environment 
Radisson hotels have a rich history of Responsible Business practices, which offer a strong foundation as we continue to build on that history. Ultimately, we strive to serve the common good through our commitment to social responsibility. 

World Childhood Foundation
Our Radisson hotel is proud to support the World Childhood Foundation, which is committed to defending the rights of the child and securing better living conditions for children and young women at risk all over the world. 

Our Radisson hotel has signed and is committed to upholding The Code of Conduct to Protect Children Against Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism, aka: "The Code." Through this international set of guidelines, supported by ECPAT, travel and tourism companies have pledged to help end the commercial sex trade of children.

United Nations Global Compact
Radisson Hotel Group was one of the first global hospitality companies to sign the United Nations Global Compact, the largest corporate responsibility initiative in the world. 

General hotel initiatives, including third-party certifications:
  • The hotel assists a children's cancer foundation called Ayuvi. This local foundation helps children throughout their treatments and aids their families by giving them support and high-end technology to use in treating their children. Each month, the hotel staff donate a portion of their paychecks to help the foundation.
  • The hotel distributes a monthly bulletin for each area on environmental problems and ways to prevent them.
  • The hotel recently joined a local foundation called Fundación Castillo Córdova, which helps kids with severe nutritional problems around the country. Paper, plastic, cans, glass, etc. are donated to the foundation, and with the money it receives for the recycling process, the foundation buys food for needy people. Castillo Córdova also provides health treatments and nutritional education to these families through the program "Hagamos un buen papel” and “Juguemos Limpio.”


  • "Save water, save life" stickers placed on the mirrors of each bathroom to encourage guests and staff to be more conscious about saving water
  • Sort and recycle waste from the rooms and in the main collection areas
  • Use earth-friendly bags for trash cans in the rooms

Conference and meeting services:

  • Education about recycling and how to do it properly
  • Medical and optical checkups for the staff
  • Responsible leading and responsible living to the executive leaders of each area

Food and beverage:

  • Selling used oil for recycling
  • Waste classification

Engineering and maintenance:

  • Changing from normal to LED illumination
  • Waste classification


  • Avoid buying products that are wrapped in nonrecyclable materials
  • Contact other responsible businesses to provide products and services needed for the hotel's operation

Human resources:

  • Monthly birthday celebrations for the staff
  • Monthly Responsible Business workshops, during which the staff learns how to upcycle and create new items
  • Sporting activities for the staff, including a male soccer team that participates in local charities to help children
  • Year-round training for the staff on different themes, such as general Responsible Business training, recycling training, motivational seminars and team building

Sales Department:

  • Energy-saving programs


  • Energy-saving programs
  • Recycling all the paper in these areas
Green Key Eco-Rating Program

Green Key Eco-Rating Program

We have been awarded a three-key rating from the Green Key Eco-Rating Program - recognizing us as a hotel that has taken significant steps to protect the environment.