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Radisson Valley Forge Hotel's Suites

Escape to a Fantasy Suite in King of Prussia

You may be in King of Prussia, but you can feel like you’re at Caesar’s Palace, on Gilligan's Island or in Timbuktu. The one-of-a-kind, windowless Fantasy Suites on the top floor of Radisson Hotel Valley Forge take your imagination to exotic places—inside a prehistoric cave, aboard the Titanic or even to the galaxy.

Select one of these Fantasy Suites for an unforgettable stay:

  • Caesar's Palace - Open the antique gold lattice door and discover hand-painted murals of rolling hills shaded in aqua hues. Dazzling mirrors are set into the walls, and a royal statue of Caesar stands next to an oval whirlpool tub.
  • Cape May - Experience the charm of the Victorian age in this delightful suite of white wood. Collapse into the wicker and wrought iron chairs, or soak in the large whirlpool tub beneath a trellis wrapped in hydrangeas and vines.
  • The Cave - Escape to this suite’s prehistoric style with an imaginary wood-burning fire, stalactites and primitive cave art. Recline on a curved couch decorated in leopard print or sprawl on a round bed sized for a king.
  • Cottage in the Woods - Ease back in this classic, country "bed and breakfast." A screen door, a replica wood-burning stove and pine beams keep you close to your new home and far from reality.
  • Gilligan's Island - Your bamboo bed awaits you beneath a canopy of fish nets, wine bottle crates and shell lamps. Toucan parrots, tropical flowers and trees that drifted ashore decorate your private island.
  • Hollywood - Golden gates welcome you to a time in Hollywood history when glitz and glamour ruled. Add a little purple, some pink and a lot of gold, and you have the spark and flash of Hollywood in all its glory.
  • King for a Night - Experience the regal allure of Old England. Victorian antiques rest majestically near a deep, red whirlpool tub with strong wooden beams overhead.
  • Leather and Lace - Find your way to this deep, dark dungeon featuring iron bars and wood beams hanging overhead.
  • Nature's Kingdom – Retreat to this jungle room with lush trees and bushes. Decorated in desert neutrals, this suite provides a visual safari for all of your senses.
  • Pharaoh's Tomb - Ancient Egypt never felt so romantic. Surround yourself with swank blacks, golds and tans, faux stone walls, hieroglyphics and posh Egyptian figures.
  • Hangover Suite - Begin and end your bachelor or bachelorette party adventure in the Hangover suite. Sleek decor, mirrored walls and a large sectional couch are all protected by an iconic stuffed tiger.
  • Star Gazer - Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime in this spaceship-themed suite donned in black, silver and metallic blue. The enchanting starry painting beckons you to a celestial galaxy far away.
  • Timbuktu - Step into a captivating Arabian experience. Hand-painted camels and maps line the walls. An antique brass headboard, leopard prints, wicker, antiques and gold trims decorate this Middle Eastern-themed suite.
  • Titanic - Through a white cabin door bearing an authentic porthole, enter the replicated stateroom of one of the most famous cruise ships of all time. A steel, spiral staircase stands to your right, and rich wood borders frame this handsomely appointed getaway.
  • Venus - Cherubic angels and hand-painted heavenly murals mirror the works of the famous Italian artist Botticelli inside this divine dwelling that features an ornately decorated bed and a round whirlpool tub.