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Radisson Branson Hotel's Event Space

Our guests agree that Radisson is a great place for Branson events

Radisson Hotel Branson takes guest feedback seriously so we can provide top-quality service for those hosting corporate and social events. We are dedicated to the success of every meeting, reunion and banquet, and we strive to improve our service based on your reviews.

Comments from previous guests include:

"It is with considerable gratitude that I wish to express my thanks to your organizing committee for the cooperative spirit in which the 2003 Medal of Honor Convention was conducted. I shall always recall the 'can-do' attitudes of the volunteer corps and the Radisson Hotel staff. Their combined efforts and assistance helped simplify what easily could have been a very challenging assignment." - Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention

"On behalf of the members of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, thank you for your tireless efforts and selfless contribution of your time and resources to support the objectives and ideals of the Society during the annual Convention and General Membership Meeting 2003. Due in a large part to your dedication, the Medal of Honor Recipients, their spouses and friends have enjoyed the hospitality that Branson is known for across the country." - Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention and General Membership Meeting

"We at Revival Fires wish to express our appreciation for all the hard work, extra 'miles' and dedication the staff at the Radisson Hotel gave our guests and us during our Fall Round-Up. What a joy to work with not only professionals but caring and courteous people!" - Revival Fires Ministries

"Thank you for the reception your staff prepared for us. You really exceeded all of our expectations. Your staff really put a lot of care into everything." - Hayes/Doddy Reception

"From the moment we entered your hotel until your staff bade us farewell as we left on our individual journeys home, your staff extended to us every service imaginable in a most courteous and friendly manner." - China Marine Association

"The Radisson is a beautiful property. The rooms were nice and comfortable, providing ample space to work and relax. All of the staff was smiling and very friendly. What a wonderful hotel!" - Pulaski County Tourism Bureau

"There is absolutely no better place on earth than Branson to hold a military reunion. It is people like those at the Radisson that made us feel like we've done something worthwhile again. I hope in the very near future we can steer our ship to the 'port city' of Branson, Missouri." - USS Savannah {AOR-4} Reunion Association