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Responsible Business Practices at the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo

A hotel that helps its community

Now celebrating more than 10 years of responsible business action, the Radisson Montevideo contacted the Cristobal Colón School in the Nuevo Paris neighborhood in Montevideo to continue supporting a wonderful school program. The hotel staff donated clothing and teddy bears to the school children and established a toy campaign with the school's director. After a month of collecting toys, the result was more than 400 gifts of balls, dolls, toy cars and even some bikes.

The Radisson pastry staff made and decorated two cakes to enjoy with the children, and volunteers went from class to class distributing all of the gifts, cakes and sweets that had been collected. The party ended with an exciting football game among the children and the Radisson hotel's staff.

Hotels play an important role in the travel and tourism industry, which contributes to the economic development of local communities around the world. Hotels have a responsibility to the people and the physical environment of those communities—a responsibility to see that the community is not hurt by the hotel's presence, but rather economically and socially enhanced by it. As one of the most responsible green hotels in Montevideo, the Radisson Victoria Plaza takes that responsibility seriously.

This goal is achieved by approaching business responsibly. At Radisson, Responsible Business is centered around three important areas:

1 - Taking responsibility for diversity and inclusion as well as the health, safety and security of our employees and guests

2 - Showing leadership in social and ethical responsibility issues within the company and the community

3 - Reducing our negative impact on the environment 

Radisson has a rich history of Responsible Business practices, offering a strong foundation as we continue to build on that history. Ultimately, we strive to serve the common good through our commitment to social responsibility. 

World Childhood Foundation
Radisson is proud to support the World Childhood Foundation, which is committed to defending the rights of the child and securing better living conditions for children and young women at risk all over the world. 

Radisson has signed and is committed to upholding The Code of Conduct to Protect Children Against Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism - "The Code." Through this international set of guidelines supported by ECPAT, travel and tourism companies have pledged to help end commercial sex trade of children. 

United Nations Global Compact
Carlson was one of the first global hospitality companies to sign the United Nations Global Compact, the largest corporate responsibility initiative in the world. 

General Hotel Initiatives (including 3rd party certifications)
  • Act as godparents of CERMU, the Mental Retardation Education Center of Uruguay
  • Donate carpets to rural schools or institutes that are usually used in their libraries
  • Donate weekend stays to non-profit institutions, NGO'S, for example, Lions Club
  • Support Teleton Center with rooms and lounges all year 
    The Teleton technical objective is the rehabilitation of the whole child and young man with a neuro-muscular-skeletal disability


  • Cardboard is sold or used to save files.
  • Cleaning materials are made with sheets and towels that are no longer used.
  • Collect plastic bottle caps for the Ibiray Center, a non-profit foundation created for children with severe cerebral disability. Children sort colored caps and sell them to obtain materials to the foundation. 
  • Tea bags are donated to Dr. Manuel Quintela Pink Ladies, a group of ladies who accompany patients to provide moral and spiritual support. They receive the tea bags, sell them, and with the proceeds, they buy diapers and clothing for newborns. 
  • Dual-sided printing for any departmental documents

Food & Beverage

  • All detergents used are biodegradable.
  • Disused oil is donated to a cooperative that produces fuel with it.
  • Restaurant offers a healthy menu, featuring food suitable for those with celiac disease and diabetes.
  • Hotel chefs cook with 0% trans-fat oil.
  • Purchase jams and preserves from a cooperative of rural women engaged in the development of such products.

Engineering & Maintenance

  • Control operating hours of air-conditioning equipment through intelligent control
  • Evacuation drills
  • Frequency inverters are used to obtain the minimum consumption of water pumps.
  • Generators use natural gas.
  • Installed a hot water system to stabilize the heating and air-conditioning system at a temperature which is sufficient to serve and minimize energy consumption.
  • LED luminaries to replace halogen lamps
  • Lamp-type fluorescent-discharge lamps
  • Showers with consumer regulators
  • Variable-frequency drives are also used in large air-conditioning ventilators.

Human Resources

  • Agreements with hotels
  • Blood donor club
  • Employees can apply for training in different areas of the hotel and thereby gain knowledge and experience.
  • External training for employees
  • Hotel allows family members
  • Hotel receives students from different institutes for internships.
  • Presentations by doctors about handling of garbage, HIV and other diseases
  • Training and lectures that teach students how to prepare a resume and interview for a job
  • Unpaid leave is granted to employees.