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White flowers in wedding bouquet

Start your happily ever after in our castle-like hotel

If there’s ever a day when you should be treated like royalty, it’s your wedding day, which is why our castle-inspired hotel is the perfect venue for your ceremony and reception. The Radisson hotel in Nashua, NH offers an array of regal ballrooms as well as more intimate event rooms, and we also provide dozens of dining options so you can create your own customized catering menu. With Shade Bar & Grill on site, your guests can wander back and forth between the restaurant and the reception, and they can relax in their nearby room or suite when the night is over.

Contact information
Laura Johnson
Phone: +1 (603) 579-3224
Email: laura.johnson@nashuaradisson.com

For more information about having your wedding at the Radisson, visit our wedding site.