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Steak & Lobster Restaurants

This or That at Steak & Lobster

Welcome to Steak & Lobster - our name, our menu. A new restaurant without the umming and ahhing.

With fewer options, we can focus on perfecting what we do best: 10oz, dry aged rib eye steaks and fresh whole lobsters served on the half shell. So beat it, egg salad. Take a hike, tagliatelle. Amuse-bouches, vamoosh. No compromise. No pretence. We’ve taken choice and refined it.

You’ll find our restaurants easygoing and fun, modern and stylish. Think chic without the shack. Come see for yourself. Just don’t ask to see the specials (there aren’t any).

Steak & Lobster. This or That.

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London OR Manchester


For further information and menus, please visit the Steak & Lobster website