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Successful Breaks

Successful Breaks

Radisson wants to ensure that every event, no matter how big or small, amazes your attendees. One thing that will set your event apart, is taking advantage of a Successful Break concept. We offer a collection of unique break ideas to ensure your meeting attendees are engaged and active throughout your event.

Chose from one of the six Successful Break concepts for your next event:

  • Provide a mini oasis with a relaxation or spa themed break to ensure attendees are rejuvenated and ready to continue.
  • Provide a tangible memento to attendees with photography and fun, event-specific props in a Snapshot themed break.
  • Team building can be fun with in-hotel scavenger hunts, trivia contests, an all-day domino game and MORE with a Contests themed break.
  • Color, color and more color. Provide a single or multi colored break that really lets wedding colors or corporate colors be the focal point.
  • Give back to the community with a charitable activity completed before, during or after your meeting.
  • Friday the 13th, Dr. Seuss Day, Checkers Day and other non-traditional holidays provide a memorable and fun way to theme a break.

Be sure to ask about adding a Successful Break concept when you plan your next meeting or event with Radisson. For your reference, print Successful Breaks (PDF) information