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Hotel room with one bed, flat-screen TV and free Internet
Free Internet
High-speed Internet

Radisson San José-Costa Rica offers free high-speed, wireless Internet throughout the hotel. Stream music in your room or suite, download documents in the business center, or check your email in the lobby. With a minimum bandwidth of 10.5 MB, you can watch movies, complete work presentations or shop online with ease. After a day at the pool or exploring San José, return to your room and use the free Wi-Fi to share your adventures with your friends on social media.

High-speed Internet is available in:

  • All guest rooms
  • Business center
  • Lobby
  • Lounge
  • Restaurants


  • Check emails
  • Download documents or music
  • Log on to your corporate network
  • Shop


  • Free high-speed, wireless Internet
  • Minimum bandwidth of 10.5 MB