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Explore Suzhou’s best attractions

Stay in the center of it all when you book accommodations at Radisson Suzhou, located in the commercial hub of Science and Technology Town. You can walk just three minutes to the tram station to access all of the businesses and attractions of Suzhou New District. Visit the Hanshan Temple for a glimpse of eye-catching Qing Dynasty architecture, or spend the day shopping at the many stores along the waterfront. We also provide an ideal home base for guests attending seasonal events like the Suzhou Tai Hu International Marathon.

Cultural attractions:

  • Suzhou New District Culture & Sports Centre (3 km)
    Designed to host both national sports competitions and local cultural events, this complex features a stadium, a fitness center, a library and an art gallery.
  • Hanshan Temple (17 km)
    Hanshan Temple became famous after being mentioned in the classic Chinese poem “A Night Mooring by Maple Bridge.” Located on the bank of the Grand Canal, the temple consists of beautiful buildings like the Mahavira Hall, the Bell Tower and the Puming Pagoda. Stroll through the collection of stone tablets carved with Buddhist sutras and Chinese poetry, or stop by on Lunar New Year’s Eve to hear the monks ring the temple’s bell 108 times in honor of the coming year.

Natural beauty:

  • Dayangshan National Forest Park (5 km)
    This national park offers paved walking trails, tea houses and spectacular views. The park is also the home of the largest botanical garden in Suzhou.
  • Black Dragon Pond (9 km)
    Black Dragon Pond provides a tranquil, scenic escape in the heart of Suzhou’s technology district. Tourists and locals enjoy relaxing by the pond and admiring the surrounding greenery.
  • Tai Hu Lake (13 km)
    The third-largest freshwater lake in China, Tai Hu Lake is connected to the Grand Canal and Suzhou Creek. Take a boat to one of 90 islands to fish or sunbathe.

Other attractions:

  • Fashion plaza on the waterfront (2.5 km)
  • Suzhou Amusement Park, opening in October 2019 (5 km)
  • Shushan Hot Springs (5.5 km)
  • Suzhou Tai Hu Wetland Park (8 km)
  • Snowy Sea (13.5 km)
  • Shishan Road shops (16.5 km)