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Stay close to Toluca’s best things to do

Even if you’re only in Toluca for a quick corporate trip, make time to explore the attractions of one of Mexico’s fastest-growing urban areas. Radisson Hotel Del Rey Toluca makes an excellent home base, ideally located near the trendy shops, restaurants and entertainment at Galerías Toluca as well as the city’s gorgeous art galleries and museums. Plan a day trip to Mexico City, just 63 kilometers away, or stay close to Toluca with a tour of Calixtlahuaca, a fascinating Mesoamerican archeological site. When you have to head home, Toluca International Airport (TLC) is only 17 kilometers away.


  • Galerías Toluca (2 km)
    Hunt for bargains and shop for your favorite brands at Galerías Toluca. You can take a break from shopping to grab a bite to eat or watch a movie at the cinema.
    Phone: +1 (52) 722 211-3660
  • Galerías Metepec (4 km)
    With more than 130 shops and restaurants, Galerías Metepec is one of the area’s most popular shopping centers. If you want to cool off, go skating in the Icedome.
    Phone: +1 (52) 722 232-5865

Local culture

  • Cosmovitral Botanical Garden (3.7 km)
    Considered the crown jewel of the city, Cosmovitral is a wonderful place to lose yourself for a few hours. Wander across bridges and beside fountains as you appreciate the lush gardens filled with stained-glass murals designed by Leopoldo Flores.
    Phone: +1 (52) 722 214-6785
  • Teatro Morelos (4.1 km)
    Get your tickets at this stunning local theater to see a variety of dramatic productions and dance performances.
    Phone: +1 (52) 722 215-9258
  • Plaza de los Mártires (4.2 km)
    This historic square features a monument of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the impressive Toluca Cathedral, and lovely gardens and fountains. The government buildings that line the square are also interesting for their architecture.
  • Calixtlahuaca (10.2 km)
    Sometimes translated as “house in the prairie,” Calixtlahuaca was once an urban settlement for Aztecs and other Mesoamericans living in the Toluca Valley. Visit to see the fascinating petroglyphs and temples that remain.


  • Museo de Historia Universitaria José María Morelos y Pavón (3.3 km)
    Located on the campus of the University of the State of Mexico, this museum honors a national hero who led revolutionary rebels during the Mexican War of Independence.
    Phone: +1 (52) 722 226-2300 ext. 1300
  • Museo Modelo de Ciencias e Industria (3.4 km)
    Learn about Toluca’s industrial past and present through a wide range of artifacts and exhibits that are centered on Grupo Modelo, a local brewery with a global market.
    Phone +1 (52) 722 226-2244
  • Museo de Bellas Artes de Toluca (4 km)
    This fine-arts gallery was once a convent and is now the oldest museum in the city. Visit to see more than 400 pieces of artwork from the 16th century to the 19th century.
    Phone: +1 (52) 722 215-5329
  • Museo Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez (4.1 km)
    During a time when many Mexican artists painted their subjects with European features regardless of their descent, Gutiérrez opted for a realistic representation. He also instructed his contemporary, José María Velasco, in drawing figures.
    Phone: +1 (52) 722 213-2647
  • Museo José María Velasco (4.1 km)
    Featured in museums across the world, the artwork of José María Velasco is considered some of the best landscape painting of the 19th century. See Velasco’s famous works as well as the works of his prominent contemporaries.
    Phone: +1 (52) 722 213-2814
  • Luis Nishizawa Workshop Museum (4.2 km)
    Born in nearby Cuautitlán, Luis Nishizawa was an influential landscape painter and muralist known for his blend of Mexican and Japanese artistic styles. The museum honors his legacy with beautiful displays of his work.
    Phone: +1 (52) 722 215-7465