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About Yuma
Yuma, Arizona blends the best of past and present
Chock-full of attractions like casinos, golf courses and theaters, Yuma also offers a colorful past and identity that make it worth a visit. Check out the following interesting tidbits:
  • In 1540, Hernando de Alarcon was the first European to visit what is now known as Yuma.
  • Yuma is recognized as the sunniest city in the United States.
  • Yuma is known to have the longest civilian runways in the U.S.
  • Daylight Savings Time hasn't been used in Yuma since 1968.
  • The Colorado River flows through Yuma and defines the border between Arizona and California.
  • Yuma is centered between Phoenix and San Diego.
  • Born in Yuma, Cesar Chavez founded the first farm workers union in the United States.
  • Yuma is the winter lettuce capital of the world.
  • Agriculture, tourism and military are the main industries in Yuma.
  • In 1877, the first train entered Arizona through Yuma.
  • Opened in 1915, the Ocean to Ocean bridge located in Yuma was the first auto bridge across the Colorado River.
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